It was in the year 2011 when my kodak point and shoot camera refused to work one day. I was sad, but not devastated as I could sense a long-nourished dormant desire suddenly growing stronger and stronger inside me. I had long wanted to own an slr camera when I saw folks capture overwhelming frames with their prized slr cams. So I started my ground work and studied about slrs — their whats, whys and hows. Then one day in June, I stepped out to buy an slr for myself. The sales person at the counter seemed to have instantly assessed my pocket strength and suggested that I buy a Nikon D3100 with a 18-55 VR lens. That was the day when I realised for the first time that these are called DSLRs and not SLRs. And that was the day when my DSLR adventure kicked-off on a high note!

I started clicking randomly in program and auto flash mode. Didn’t know what to click, why click. I just went on clicking whatever suited my fancy. My fascination turned into a passion and I slowly connected to many fellow photo-lovers on facebook.
That was how I bumped into Joydeepda. After a lot of requests, Joyda at last agreed to mentor me in his workshop in February 2012. That was the turning point in my photography career. Acting upon Joyda’s advise, sold off my old cam to grab a Nikon D90. With my new photo gadget, I gradually learnt to understand Nikon D90 With my new photo gadget, I gradually learnt to understand what a good photograph is. And with time, I also bagged some appreciation and recognition from others. Needless to say, that boosted my passion and fanned the flame of photopgraphy in me even more. I embarked on an unstoppable pursuit of better and finer photographs.

I am still walking this path. Love to do street and people photography.

Hope to progress like this in the days ahead from good to better and more…………….

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